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Olympic Effort on DK Greek Tour

- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adonis in Pelopennese, Greece!

And no that title isn't me talking about myself, but the GTO which, while it was alongside a raft of Ferraris, kept getting admiring looks from everyone we passed on the recent DK Engineering Greek Tour which finished at the end of April. 

Greece was so lovely it's hard to post images of cars when there was so much great scenery and wonderful locals.

I chose the Ferrari because it has now been fitted with some heat and sound insulation plus carpeting, so it is a lot more civilised than before - when it was like traveling in a very hot and very noisy tin box!

It went very well and lasted the course so very happy with our progress. There were some really nice cars on the rally and all the owners got on very well with each other which made it a great atmosphere for 'friendly' competition. Sadly one entrant managed to write off his lovely California Spider Ferrari on the first morning by spinning off the road into the trees - thankfully he and his passenger were both unhurt and were given rides in other cars for the rest of the trip.

To get going the cars were trucked down to Greece while we flew by a small turbo prop plane from Farnborough - a very very civilised way to travel!

The rally was managed by the great Ferrari specialists DK Engineering. For the duration of the tour we were based at the same hotel for our base and went out each day to a different destination. So many places to recount but the most impressive, and one that will stay with me, was Olympia. It was fascinating to see and hear about the home of the Olympics and walk on the original stadium surface which pre-dates the birth of Christ.

So this blog is all about the tour cars and Greece and less about the competition - but another rally report on it's way as we're off to the Paris-Madrid rally next, coming soon....



But in case you thought I was alwys on a jolly - you'll se below that it's tough on these trips!



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