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Mother's 100th Birthday Celebrations and New Zealand Trip

- Monday, February 26, 2018

In January 2018, Mother celebrated her 100th birthday and the whole family travelled over to New Zealand to join her and organise all the festivities. 


On the way, I stopped off at Singapore for a few days. Here we are, eating at the cheapest Michelin restaurant in the world, delicious!

Been in Singapore for three days staying at the amazing Marina BaySands hotel. Three huge separate towers 57 stories high joined at the top by one boat-shaped platform with bars, restaurants and a huge infinity pool overlooking the city and ocean.

And this was a huge bowl which forms a whirlpool that drains through an enormous offset hole.

A water show in the harbour by the hotel.


We arrived in Devonport, the new flat was very good, well done Colin and Daniella! Weather great, got the Escort going and WOF (warrant of fitness). Seeing Mother on Saturday and maybe eventually getting the new to me old Merc to try to sort out for the beach. Have NZ mobile same as last year. Those old enough might remember that 303 was the calibre of the British Army rifle in the 2nd world war. Saw lots of them in the film Dunkirk on the plane. First Sunset.

A Monarch butterfly caterpillar eating a swan plant, they will only eat this one plant

We stopped for lunch on the way to Waiotahi Villa, Mother looking very smart

With a friend on the beach!

More beach photos.

We were out in New Zealand for Christmas, and here are all six of us in a hula hoop, Christmas is in by three minutes and we've got champagne!

Mercedes about to have first trip out with Mother

Unfortunately, the Mercedes need a little roadside attention again! 

Mother going on a beach trip to see the Leopard Seal.

New year at the beach, with a bonfire. Family meal and getting ready for our bike ride.

The 100th Birthday!

Elizabeth and Isabel Nelmes With Mother and me. 

The Rolls Royce birthday cake.

The Australian and NZ great grandkids.

Mother with old friend David Jull and Cherine Caldwell. 

Mother and Rupert Russell, her beloved brother James' son.

The birthday presentation

It was emotional and joyous to watch the presentation video, highlighting photos of Mum and the family through the ages - here it is:

Dorothy's 100 Year Birthday Slideshow from Any Audio Visual Limited on Vimeo.

Mother with her card from the Queen. 

Fiji Trip

Pukekohe at Hamilton Lake, took Mother there for lunch. Auckland sunset from Mount Victoria Devonport. Little plane that brought us to Vanua Levu. Fiji sunset. View from the room, the sea is hot, not warm! Moet for lunch at the poolside bar, lovely food and people. 

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