Space Station started life as a series of shipping containers sat next to a tip in Colnbrook. The company was called ‘Sure Store’, a name that was dropped later because people had difficulty spelling it.
Three generations of Caldwells working in the storage company; my father, David, ran the original site for me while Ruth, my daughter, and I were out starting new ones. The company was called “Sure Store”, a name that was later dropped because people had trouble spelling it.

‘You just sit there and I’ll be with you later’. She soon realised I wasn’t just taking the money and watching Magic Roundabout on daytime TV.

1982 Space Station is Created

Eventually Space Station is set up after a year of Alastair trying to gain the funding and property he needs.

After months of trying to set up the business I was in despair, I did not want to go back to motor racing.  I could have gone back easily enough, I just had to put my hand up and say: ‘I want to motor race again,’ and a team would have hired me. But a friend took me down to his rubbish tip – and it was a rubbish tip – in Colnbrook. He said: ‘You can have quarter of an acre at the back,’ so I leveled it off with his bulldozer, paved it myself, went to the East End and bought shipping containers. My fortune is based on shipping containers and I still own 340 of them. I put them down in rows, rented them out and the people liked what I had to offer.

Within months I had 50 containers, and then I had 70, and then I had 100. Then I opened another site and another site; I got ahead of myself at times. At one point I had my daughter running a site that I couldn’t afford to stock with containers, but I couldn’t afford not to take it because the landlord might have given it to somebody else. Poor Ruth was sitting on this empty site for me, sleeping on the floor during the day because she was so bored.

The government would send a woman out every six months to see how I was getting on because I was still receiving my £40 a week grant. When she first came out I had one business and the next time I had two and then I had three and I was too busy to talk to her so I just had to say: ‘You just sit there and I’ll be with you later.’ She soon realised I wasn’t just taking the money and watching Magic Roundabout on daytime TV.

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