Daimler Majestic Major
Mercedes 280SL.

Mercedes 280SL had started off as an unsuitable car but was becoming more and more popular.

2000 London to Sydney

The London to Sydney rally. Alastair completes the race for the second time having already done it in 1993, this time he takes the Mercedes 280SL again. Happy not to win, he took part for the experience.

I got to like the long distance rallies and London to Sydney was an epic. We drove for 30 days across Europe and then we’d airfreight the cars to India, across India, airfreight the cars to Australia, and then drive across Australia. I wasn’t as competitive in these rallies because these were stage rallies where you wear helmets and overalls and go like mad. If you want to win it you have to have a very quick car, a light, powerful car. Get a Porsche 911 or Mark1 Escort or a Mustang or any car with more horsepower than brains. I don’t have any cars like that; I don’t need to own one. I don’t need to win the rally; I just want to take part and do better than I should (and I normally do). The only car I’ve got that’s really suitable for rallying is my AC Aceca so when I rally in that I have to do well.

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