Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
AC Aceca.

After getting stuck behind a tourist bus on the first day the overall win was out of the question but we still had a good time, the AC was fast in the tests.

2008 An Icelandic Odyssey

Alastair and his navigator Catriona Rings won a gold medal at the 2008 HERO Icelandic Odyssey. They successfully completed the Classic Reliability Trial of Iceland in the AC Aceca.

A long stretch stuck behind a tourist bus, climbing a mountain road, on the very first regularity buried any hope of winning the overall prize due to the highly competitive nature of the event, but that didn’t stop me picking up a gold medal. The AC flew through the remaining regularities and tests picking up a gold medal by being first in its class and finishing sixth overall.
As well as winning a gold medal, we (me and Catriona) saw lots of stunning scenery, swam in hot pools, drove skidoos down a glacier, went whale watching, and got to sample Iceland’s night-life and its over-priced booze.
For more information please visit the Official HERO website.

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