Alastair takes time out to relax and rehydrate on his Ducati
Peugeot 205 about to win another rally.

This is my fourth win with the Puddle Jumper.

2009 London to Casablanca

Alastair wins the London to Casablanca rally in his Peugeot 205 Rallye ‘the puddle jumper’, which has now taken the top spot in four endurance competitions. Alastair, alongside navigator Catriona Rings, came first in their class and overall in the gruelling nine day event.

The endurance rally crossed the Atlas Mountains and the fringes of the Sahara, exploring the region of South-East Morocco where films like Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones brought fantastic scenery to the big-screen.
The historic cars rally in Morocco first took place back in 1993 and has returned several times since. This year’s rally included a maze of roads on the edge of the Atlas Mountains previously considered impossible for classic cars – goat trails reserved for 4x4s – but now that the Morocco Government have covered them in tarmac giving access to even more wild and stunning scenery.  Three super-long mountain climbs were also added, which were run in gut-wrenching “hill-climb fashion”.

Alastair’s seventeen year old Peugeot 205 Rallye has quite a history behind it before Alastair got behind the wheel. It is a French left-hand drive 1300cc hatch-back that was used as a reccy car at the Peugeot Sports works. It was then used by Richard Burns as a road car. Alastair took her to the World Cup Rally in 2002 and won convincingly. He has taken part in the World Cup rallies three times in the Peugeot, winning twice and missing out on the title in 1003 following an accident.

Starting in Kent on the 7th November Alastair consistently climbed the rankings and proved him as the best driver on the final day, crossing the finish line in Marrakech and claiming the best in class and best-overall trophies.  Alastair and Catriona managed to complete the 4,666 kilometre journey with little drama, although one competitor, and Alastair’s good friend Warren Chmura, sadly didn’t make it home.

A full rally report can be found here:

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