1938 Alfa Romeo 6C SS Torpedino at the end of the Peking to Paris race in the Place de Vendome, Paris.
Rolls on Pikes Peak 14,000ft above sea level.

Mum won the trophy for “Spirit of the Rally” and received a standing ovation

2012 The TransAm

The TransAm rally was from New York to Anchorage, Alaska by an indirect route, but not content with this, the Rolls was sent out early so I could drive it up to St Louis for my aunt’s 100th birthday and to pick up my 94 year old mum to drive her back down to New York for the start. Then there was a fantastic trip across the States into Canada and back to the States again to end up at Anchorage; 7,500 miles over a month and we finished 5th overall and came 1st in class. Mum won the trophy for “Spirit of the Rally” and received a standing ovation.

Not content with this, we then drove the car above the Arctic Circle to Inuvik and back. This is a dirt road over a couple of mountain ranges with two ferries, but we still managed to average 62mph. We drove back to the USA along Highway 2 and back into Canada at Sainte Sault Marie, Ontario up to Montreal, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts , Rhode Island, Connecticut, and finally back into New York – 18,000 miles in 8 weeks.

We experienced a few car problems after the rally and had to change the head gasket in Quebec with the help of a very nice member of the Rolls Royce Owner’s Club, but mum never missed a beat. Never less than 200, sometimes 600, miles in a day – what a woman!

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