Silverstone Classic 1997
1914 Ford Model T Speedster.

1914 Ford Model T Speedster

Purchased in August 2013, this car was made in Canada and has been kept in New Zealand since it was new, which was very appealing to me. It is still New Zealand registered and has a NZ WOF which is their equivalent of the UK MOT.

Originally built as a right-hand drive car, it is a nightmare to drive, with weird transmission, no brakes to speak of, ultra-quick steering, no dampers, no starter and no weather protection. In other words, it’s a hoot!

Ford never made a factory Speedster but many have been built. There is no standard car so the owners took the body of their standard car to make it lighter and therefore faster. The lighter you can make it, the faster it will go.

Car Facts

Model T Speedster
Engine size
3 Litre, 4 cylinder
2-speed planetary gearbox operated by foot pedals
Accelerator is hand operated.

Alastair and his mum in the Speedster.

Trip to Tesco in the Speedster.

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