Ferrari 250 GTO replica
Ferrari 250 GTO replica.

Ferrari 250 GTO replica

Alastair’s Ferrari was used for one, epic rally in 2001: The Inca Trail.

The original Ferrari 330GT with proper V12 4 litre engine has been transformed into a 250 GTO replica. In 2012, a genuine GTO sold in England for £27m.

I’d always wanted to have a Ferrari so I bought a 330 GT. I hardly ever used it although I used to take it to Silverstone to the classic race every year. My friend is a Ferrari re-builder in Switzerland so he used to come over and force me to take it for its one trip each year. I didn’t use it apart from for this for a decade.
Then I took it on the Inca Trail – a fantastic 56 day long rally from Rio up to Lima in Peru down to Tierra del Feugo and then back up to Rio again. 27,000km and the car rallied every day despite massive problems. Then after several years of inactivity, I decided to have it rebodied as a 250 GTO replica and the result is a very handsome car, perfect in every detail.

On a summer trip to New Zealand, I noticed a magazine article about a company in Auckland NZ who had built a Ferrari GTO replica. I went to see this car and was most impressed by it; after making some enquiries decided to have my 330 GT made into a GTO replica by this company. Sadly after over a year’s work and lots of money, they went bankrupt on me so I was left with an unfinished badly done car which had cost me a lot of money.

I then decided to do the job myself. I found the premises and hired 3 young men, one of whom was the original bodywork man from the bankrupt company – Gavin Tindell — and after a further eighteen months or so and another considerable amount of money, a tool room perfect 250 GTO replica emerged. They did a great job and the car is now back in England ready for action. It has not been used in anger yet, but it will be and it will campaign vigorously.

Values of genuine GTOs have escalated recently and this year (2012) one sold at £27m; then another bargain went for only £22.5m!

See photographs of the refurbishment.

Car Facts

250GTO replica
Engine size
V12 SOC 6 twin carbs
5 speed Ferrari
Newly rebodied in New Zealand as a perfect 250 GTO reconstruction.

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