Austin A35
Austin A35.

Austin A35

Alastair’s most unsuitable and yet most popular car: The Austin A35. Alastair shares an exotic and adventurous history with this fun little car. Purchased in 1992, it began its rallying life with the route de maya in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras before heading to La Carerra Panamericana the next year. After all that Alastair drove it back across the US and had it shipped back to England from the East coast.

The first thing that attracted Alastair to the A35 was the colour: Speedwell blue. The car was also ready for rallying with a roll cage already fitted, a bigger engine than standard, disk brakes, and tubular shock absorbers.

As time went by lots of cars crashed and broke down, the little A-35 didn’t crash or break down much. La Cucaracha got to the end and the crowd loved it. The first night on the television the rally was on the news and everyone stood up to see the big screen and see themselves on telly. So the rally report came on and they had the guy leading the rally and in 64th place … La Cucaracha. There was a big long shot of La Cucaracha shooting along. Then the next day in the only national paper, on the front page a picture of … La Cucaracha.

Car Facts

Engine size
4 cylinder, highly tuned
Austin 4 speed, standard gearbox
Nickname: Cucaracha. Fitted with roll cage and special suspension front and rear. Disc brakes on front.

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