Mercedes 220SEB Convertible
Mercedes 220SEB Convertible.

Mercedes 220SEB Convertible

The ‘White Whale’ Mercedes made its debut rally with Alastair in the 1991 Classic Marathon. He tells us how well it handles and how he can drive through any city and know that if it breaks down there will always be a Mercedes garage nearby.

The White Whale sounds unpromising but it is actually capable of very high average speeds. It has been a massive embarrassment to people with faster cars on many occasions.

Alastair won the 2002 ‘Trial to the Nile’ with the White Whale. In the 1998 Moroccan rally, a fellow competitor took a fancy to the car and after several months of pestering Alastair finally gave in and sold the car to him. The gentleman then crashed it in China on the London to Sydney rally, and on its return painted it blue and tried to sell it back to Alastair, but he declined.

Car Facts

220SEB Convertible
Engine size
Straight 6 SOC fuel injection
5 speed Mercedes
Nicknamed: White Whale. Standard car which went very well.

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