Silverstone Classic 1997
Silverstone Classic 1997.

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Recently in 2012, the car went on a trip firstly to St Louis for my aunt’s 100th birthday party and then to New York to do the TransAm rally from New York to Alaska with my 94 year old mother as navigator. We came 5th overall and 1st in class. Mum won the “Spirit of the Rally” award and received a standing ovation.

We then drove it as far north as you can drive in Canada, back to the States, and back into Canada – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia etc. and back down to New York; 18,000 miles in 8 weeks.

"In the whole time I’ve had the Rolls the horn has never been fixed. All these trips with no horn. I just go along silently and, as of yet, I’ve not touched a thing."

Car Facts

Rolls Royce
Silver Cloud III
Engine size
Adequate it says in the handbook. All alloy push rods
4 speed automatic
Standard car that has done many thousands of miles on rallies all over the world.

2012 Trans Am Rally, Rolls in Wyoming.

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